Computerized Diagnostics

The average car on the road today has multiple micro-processor based electronic control units. Our technicians possess the experience and equipment to perform the computerized diagnostics necessary to find and repair failures in these advanced systems.

Computerized DiagnosticsComputer control modules are not a new concept in the automotive field. They have been in use in some capacity for decades but with each passing year the systems become more and more complex. The vehicles manufactured today can have over 70 individual micro-processor based electronic control units (ECU’s) that all work together to perform various functions. Some ECU’s provide simple functions such as locking and unlocking the doors while others are much more complex and control things like ignition timing and fuel delivery. According to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, a luxury car contains more lines of code than a fighter jet. It is vital that automotive technicians can perform computerized diagnostics on these complicated systems in order to ensure a complete and correct repair.

We use specialized computerized diagnostics equipment to find and repair faults. This equipment is updated annually to ensure we can help our customers no matter how old or new their vehicle is.

Computerized Diagnostics in today's vehicles

The days of a mechanic diagnosing an electrical problem with a simple test light are long gone. Computerized diagnostics procedures must be followed precisely in order to avoid damaging the sensitive electronics in today’s vehicles. These procedures require the use of expensive equipment that can provide a technician with real-time data and perform specialized function tests.

Do you need a computerized diagnostic?

You may need a computerized diagnostic if you notice any of the following

  • Any of the electrical components of your vehicle stop working
  • There are any warning lights or messages on your dashboard
  • Your vehicle fails to start or stalls while driving
  • Your vehicle is running poorly

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