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We perform all Factory Scheduled Maintenance services required by vehicle manufacturers to keep your warranty in tact.  Whether it’s simple fluid and filter changes or comprehensive interval maintenance our certified service professionals can help.

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The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act

Factory Scheduled Maintenance GuideA common misconception among drivers is that you have to take your vehicle back to a dealership for factory scheduled maintenance in order to keep your warranty valid. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for the manufacturer to void your warranty simply because somebody other than the dealer has worked on your car. It also makes it illegal to void a warranty due to the use of aftermarket replacement parts unless the part in question is provided by the manufacturer free of charge. For more information about the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act please visit the Federal Trade Commission webpage: Auto Warranties & Routine Maintenance

Federal Law states that you have the right to have your Factory Scheduled Maintenance performed at a facility of your choice without voiding your warranty unless the manufacturer is paying for it.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance at Parkhill Exxon Auto Repair Center

Our service team takes pride in the work the perform on your vehicle and Factory Scheduled Maintenance is no exception. Just bring your car in and tell your service adviser that you’re here for warranty maintenance. Our certified professionals will be happy to perform the necessary services and inspections at their factory scheduled maintenance intervals. We’ll even fill out the maintenance guide that came with your new car with the technicians name and certification number to help ensure your warranty stays in tact. The best part, we charge far less than the dealership will for most of these services.

We keep digital copies of all invoices so if you ever have a warranty issue and need a copy of your service records just let us know. We know the warranty claim process can be difficult and are happy to help our customers in any way we can.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance: 'Normal' vs 'Severe' Service

According to a AAA Car Care Month study published in 2009 a majority of drivers operate their vehicles under one of the “severe service” categories while only 6% realize it. Knowing which service schedule you should follow and actually following it can mean the difference between getting 100,000 miles out of your vehicle or well over 250,000 miles. Not only does it prolong the life of your vehicle, proper maintenance can help prevent the costly break downs that always seem to happen at the worst time.

Severe service schedules usually recommend having the vehicle’s fluids and filters changed more often, and more frequent inspections of some components like struts, ball joints and brakes.

If you drive under any of the following conditions you may need to service your vehicle more frequently.
  • Frequent short trips of less than 5 miles
  • Driving in hot weather in stop and go traffic
  • Driving at low speeds of less than 50 mph for long distances
  • Driving on roads that have dust, mud, salt, sand or gravel spread on them
  • Towing a trailer

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