Full Service Oil Change

A Full Service Oil Change is the single most important maintenance item for your vehicle. We change the motor oil and oil filter, check and top-off all your under-hood fluids, set your tire pressure to specification, and perform a general vehicle inspection in an effort to keep you driving safely and worry free for miles to come.

Oil ChangeA full service oil change is your cars first line of defense against breakdown. Motor oil serves 4 primary purposes in the modern engine. It lubricates, cools and cleans the engine and also acts as a hydraulic fluid for vehicles with variable valve timing. In order for motor oil to perform all these functions it needs to be replaced from time to time. During a full service oil change we drain the old oil from the engine, replace the oil filter and add new oil that meets or exceeds the manufacturers requirements for quality. But there’s a lot more to a full service oil change than just changing the oil. We also:

  • Check brake fluid
  • Check Clutch Fluid
  • Check and top-off power steering fluid
  • Check and top-off engine coolant (anti-freeze)
  • Check tire pressure and fill to specification
  • Check for tire wear and damage
  • Check drive belt(s) and hoses for signs of wear
  • Check engine air filter(s)
  • Check and lubricate chassis
  • Check wiper blades
  • Check and top-off windshield washer fluid
  • Check and top-off transmission fluid
  • Check lights
  • Check horn
  • Check for fluid leaks
  • Reset vehicle maintenance reminders
We always use motor oil that meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturers requirements for quality and viscosity. We can also use any brand of motor oil you’d like upon request.

There has been much debate over the recent years about how often an oil change should be performed on your vehicle. With the advent of engine oil monitoring systems and synthetic oils many manufacturers are pushing oil change intervals to 5,000, 7,000 or even 10,000 miles. Despite this most ASE Certified technicians still recommend getting your oil changed every 3,000 miles. So when should you get your oil changed? The answer lies in the scheduled maintenance guide that came with your vehicle.

Oil Change Intervals

To find out how often your car needs an oil change check the scheduled maintenance guide that came with your vehicle. Most of these guides have a section that defines ‘normal’ and ‘severe’ service then provides a service interval for each. If like most Americans you drive under any of the conditions described under ‘severe’ service you will likely need to come in for an oil change much more frequently. If you do not have a scheduled maintenance guide conventional wisdom is to get the oil changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

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